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The Teen SEA-E-O Club is launching soon!


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For today's teen seeking meaningful connections and to grow their knowledge of social entrepreneurship, ocean conservation, and positive living - we invite you to join us!

We are polishing off the thrilling details

but here is a sneak peek of what's coming:

For a low monthly subscription of $20, (can cancel anytime), you'll be able to take part in valuable peer and professional networking, mentorship from key  entrepreneurs, take fun courses, (and we will make them fun), such as:

  • What is social entrepreneurship and why is it important
  • How to be an inspiring force in adverse situations
  • Leadership skills
  • How to come up with an idea for a business
  • Step by step group events to learn how to launch a business
  • Networking skills
  • Building confidence for public speaking
  • Reducing digital device distractions and screen time to enhance your health and success
  • Healthy Mindsets
  • Health Eating and Sleep 
  • And more. 

You'll also gain:

  • Access to top entrepreneurs and leaders for guidance
  • Chances to be Rain and Hibiscus ambassadors doing good
  • Ocean Conservation Volunteer opportunities
  • Opportunity to help grow our podcast
  • Opportunity to help design our future courses and content... and yours.
  • Wanna learn to surf- we can help with that too. 

Plus- impactful, fun gifts, events, and more. 

Send us a note if you're interested to get in the waitlist. 

Can purchase memberships starting 12.31.2023!