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The Teen SEA-E-O Club is launching soon!


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For the female teen seeking meaningful connections and to grow her knowledge of social entrepreneurship, ocean conservation, and positive living - we invite you to join us!
We are polishing off the thrilling details but here is a sneak peek of what's coming:
For a low monthly subscription of $20 (after 2 week trial), you'll be able to take part in courses such as, what is social entrepreneurship and why is it important, how to be an inspiring force in adverse situations, leadership skills, how to come up with an idea for a business, step by step group events to learn how to launch a business, networking skills, confidence in public speaking, and more. 
As we grow our community, we will continue to add exciting opportunities for all. 
You'll also gain access to top female entrepreneurs and leaders for guidance, chances to be Rain and Hibiscus ambassadors for doing good, help build our podcast, and help design our future... and yours.
Plus- impactful, fun gifts, events, and more. 
This is going to be a blast so send us a note to join the list and we will be in touch soon!
First 50 on the waiting list will have free membership for one year!